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Relaxing Spas

When you get home from work, completed a workout, or finally finished weeding the entire vegetable garden, you want nothing more than to just relax. Sore muscles and tired bodies need more than just a nap on the couch. Contact Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services of Coloma, MI today for an estimate on a new spa for your yard or deck. You'll be happy you did!

Trusted Name in Spas

At Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services, we are proud to offer Michigan-made Viking Spas in our showroom. All Viking Spas carry a 6-year parts and labor warranty, making them a quality, lasting product. Their patented materials and technology create a superior spa, guaranteed to last for years to come.

Quality Viking Spas

Viking Spas have a variety of options and benefits that fit any home, yard, or lifestyle. Take a look at some of the features and sizes available through Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services:
  • 5.5-kilowatt heater for even and continual heat
  • Destiny River Series features 4-person spas with 41-71 jets, depending on the model
  • Viking Series offers a variety of finishes, with spas for 1-3 people and up to 20 jets
  • Aurora Series features 17-31 jets for one or two people
  • The Royale Series accommodates up to 3 people with 17-31 jets, depending on the model
  • Look for the Regal Series, coming soon to the showroom
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Viking Spas
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