Customized Pools and Spas

Relaxing Pools

Summers can be unbearably hot. Don't waste your money paying to go to the pool, buy one for your backyard instead! If you want a construction-free aboveground pool installed by certified technicians, call Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services today for an estimate on your project. You will be glad you made the choice to cool-off at home. We are proud to be serving the community of Coloma, MI.

High-Quality Brands

Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services carries Garden Leisure aboveground pools due to their quality. Garden Leisure pools are built to last and offer a variety of sizes and designs to fit your taste and yard space. With a variety of add-ons and options, your pool will be customized for you.

Quality Garden Leisure Pools

When you shop for an aboveground pool from Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services, you will have a variety of styles to choose from:
  • 8' round up to 18' x 40' steel sided pools
  • 12' round up to 15' x 30' molded resin pools
  • 8' round up to 18' x 33' steel pools
  • 15' round up to 18' x 40' combination material pools
  • Large variety of replacement liner designs for in-ground pools
Visit the Garden Leisure website and browse the available products.
Garden Leisure
Get an estimate on your custom-designed pool. 
Call us at 269-468-3118.
Find the perfect-sized pool for your backyard. We offer manufacturers' warranties on all pool products.
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