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First-Class Grills and BBQs

Tasty Pool Parties

There's nothing worse than planning a party around your new pool, only to have your grill breakdown. Avoid disappointing your party guests by purchasing a new grill for your deck, patio, or backyard. Your friends and family will love the amazing meals you will cook on your new grill! Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services is proud to be serving the community of Coloma, MI.

The Versatile Big Green Egg

Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services is proud to offer the Big Green Egg state-of-the-art ceramic and charcoal cooker. These cookers are derived from ancient covered clay cookers that provide superior, even heating and trap the juices in the meat. There are 7 different sizes of cookers, ranging from Mini (2 chicken breasts or 1 steak) to the XXLarge (up to 40 burgers or a whole suckling pig). Visit our showroom to learn more about the Big Green Egg or visit the website for more details. 

American-Made Holland Grills

Holland Grills are designed with an exclusive drip pan that prevents flare-ups, experienced by users of regular gas grills. Newer models are constructed of stainless steel for long-lasting use for years to come.
Most box store grills will last an average of 2-3 years due to poor quality burners, but Holland Grill uses a special cast iron burner that is guaranteed for life! Don't settle for a grill for "right now." Save money by purchasing a grill you won't need to replace later. Stop by Four Seasons Spa & Pool Services to see the models available or visit the Holland Grill website to browse their products.
Holland Grill
Big Green Egg
Browse your grill and BBQ options at our shop. Visit 160 N. Paw Paw St. today!
You can rest easy knowing that we honor manufacturers' warranties for all grill and BBQ products.
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